Who is Huldra?

Certainly, you have heard of the Norwegian Trolls? But have you heard about Huldra?

She lives among the Trolls, a fairylike creature of the woods.

She is a mythical being in Norwegian folklore and fairy-tales, stories of her told and re-told to the fascination of both young and old.

She belongs to the people of the underworld, who often appeared among people to cause both pleasure and trouble.
Huldra can appear when you least expect it, often at night, or when the fog lies thick among the trees. Sometimes you can only hear her beautiful, hypnotic song. Stories tell that it has happened more than once that young men, lost in the woods at night, has been drawn to her, never to return. Sometimes she can appear as a young, beautiful girl. At other times she can show herself as a scary creature. You know it is Huldra when you see her long tail. Who is Huldra? She continues to be a mystery. Come with us to hear the stories of Huldra. We promise you a unique experience. We will take you to the woods, where Huldra has been told to appear. Maybe you will see her? Look out for her tail, and listen carefully, maybe you can hear her beautiful song.

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