Terms & Conditions Huldra Tours AS

1. Payment


At Huldra Tours “Stripe” is our payment method. You can use both Visa and Mastercard.
When you book one of our tours you will be charged with the full amount, and you will
receive a confirmation by email shortly after your payment has been registered.


2. Insurance and liability


Security and responsibility are important to us at Huldra Tours. Even so, events that are
beyond our control can occur. It is important that you have a valid travel insurance if you
want to come with us. Your own good physical condition is your responsibility, even though
the tours are relatively easy. If we see any sign that you are not fit to join our tour, we cannot
take you with us. Reasons for this can be illness, bad health, alcohol use etc. Your ticket will
not be refunded.


3. Cancellations

If you cancel more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the tour, we will refund the whole amount.
If you cancel 48 hours (2 days) prior to the tour, there will be no refunds. Cancellations must
always be done in writing via email to Huldra Tours.


4. Weather conditions

At Huldra Tours we will strive to go on tour regardless of the weather conditions. If the tour
is cancelled because of bad weather, the whole amount will be refunded.

We are one of Trondheim`s most active guiding services. Every month we create a variety of fun and interesting events during the whole year

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