The Creator of these Tours

My name is Magnhild

I love the nature here in Norway, and spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors. All my life I have often been hiking, both in the forests and in the mountains, all across Norway.

Bymarka is one of the most beautiful places I know, and I would like to share this experience
with you.

An experience is more memorable if shared with others.
I wish to relate the Norwegian folklore and tradition, our fairy-tales, myths, our food, and our culture around the “hytte”. We will all make this an experience you’ll remember. Hopefully, it will give you fond memories to look back upon.
I am also a story-teller. I like taking others with me into this magical and inspiring world.

The stories of Huldra has sprung to life from nature, and they belong in nature.
My education and practice as a nurse make it natural to take care of others, like I will also take care of you when you travel with Huldra Tours.
Come with me, and I will tell you more about Huldra. Maybe there is more to the mystery than you could even imagine?
When you come with Huldra Tours, you will be met with both a smile and care, and get the feeling
that you have been on an adventure…

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We are one of Trondheim`s most active guiding services. Every month we create a variety of fun and interesting events during the whole year

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